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Rob VK2DIO's Morse Bug Rob VK2DIO's tiny Morse key

The repeater group can be contacted via the contact page.

Service Callsign Frequency Offset Location Notes
2m Voice VK2RNS 147.250 MHz +600 kHz Hornsby CTCSS 91.5Hz decode only
70cm DMR VK2RHT 438.350 MHz -5.4 MHz Chatswood
** Back on-air **
Note: now DMR Only
70cm P25 VK2RNS 439.975 MHz -5 MHz Hornsby NAC 293
70cm Voice VK2RNS 439.975 MHz -5 MHz Hornsby CTCSS 91.5Hz Enc/Dec

HADARC gratefully acknowledges the ongoing, generous support of Hornsby Shire Council for providing access to Council's transmitting tower and facilities for the VK2RNS repeater.