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Issue 1: 12 October 2020

This plan has been prepared and authorised by the Committee to provide guidance to Club members of the necessary requirements and actions to comply with the NSW Public Health Orders and Hornsby Shire Council (amended) terms of hire during the declared COVID-19 period.

It is incumbent upon all members to read and understand this plan and abide by its requirements as a condition of participating in Club meetings and activities held at the Mount Colah Community Centre.

Wellbeing of Members and Visitors.

The wellbeing and safety of members and any visitors to the Club is paramount.

Members agree not to attend a meeting at Mount Colah Community Centre if they are unwell or have any respiratory or COVID-19 symptoms or if they are within the prescribed isolation period having undertaken a COVID-19 test.

A member or visitor who appears to be unwell or displays or develops respiratory or COVID-19 symptoms will be asked to leave and agrees to abide by that request.

All members and visitors will be encouraged to wear face masks for their own safety and the safety of others at the Centre.

Members agree to abide by any conditions of entry posted and displayed at the Centre by Hornsby Shire Council.

Physical Distancing

Members and visitors agree to practice social distancing when entering the Centre, at all other times during the meeting and when leaving the Centre.

The person-capacity of the Centre is limited by the 4 square metre rule.

  1. For the Mid-Monthly (meeting room) the person limit is 8.
  2. For the Main Meeting (main hall) the limit is 35.

Members are to book with the Secretary their intention to attend a meeting, The Secretary will acknowledge (approve) the booking and bookings will not be approved once the capacity limit has been exceeded. A member or visitor without an approved booking may be denied entry if the capacity limit will be exceeded.

Chairs and tables, if used, will be spaced in accordance with social (physical) distancing rules. Members, unless of the same family or household, undertake to avoid unnecessary huddles and avoid any activity which may result in accidental contact.

Members and visitors are not to congregate outside the Centre prior to entry and on departure. The designated hire period is from 7.30 pm to 10.00 pm. Members and visitors are to ensure that other users of the Centre are not impeded on their entry and exit.

In general, visitors are to be discouraged from attending the Centre.

A visitor accompanying a member must be booked-in and subject to approval by the Secretary. If capacity limit is likely to be exceeded, preference will be given to members.

A visitor must be made aware of this plan and agree to its conditions. A visitor not agreeing to the requirements of this plan or if admission would exceed the capacity limit will be denied entry.

Hygiene and Cleaning

Members and visitors agree to adopt good hand hygiene practices and, where necessary, use provided hand sanitiser as required.

As a condition of hire, all high-touch areas including table and chairs used during the meeting are to be wiped down with provided disinfectant wipes both at the start and close of the meeting. All members and visitors agree to assist with the cleaning procedure.

Members will need to bring their own personal refreshments, the kitchen facilities and normal supper arrangements will be unavailable, and take away any rubbish with them when they leave.

The toilets at Mount Colah are open for use however, in the interests of safety, members and visitors are requested to minimise the use of these facilities.

Record Keeping

Members and visitors must sign-in on entry to the meeting with their name and contact details (phone or email) in a register kept for the purpose of COVID tracing.

The Secretary will keep this register for a period of 1 month and will only disclose details in the register when required by lawful authority. The Club will cooperate with NSW Health if contacted in relation to a positive case of COVID-19 associated with the Club and its meetings at Mount Colah,

The register is separate to the normal attendance book.

In addition to the mandatory sign-in of the COVID tracing register, members and visitors are encouraged to download and use a recognised COVIDSafe app

Review of this Plan.

This plan will be reviewed and updated as necessary as the COVID-19 situation evolves and in accordance with amendments to the NSW Public Health Orders and requirements of Hornsby Shire Council.

The latest plan at the time will be placed on the HADARC website.

Stephen Stebbing VK2AAV
Secretary HADARC