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Belatedly we advise that Stan Burge VK2VSB became a Silent key on 27 May 2016 after a short illness.

Stan joined HADARC late 2011 and gained his Foundation licence (VK2FSTB) late 2012, quickly upgrading to Standard level (VK2VSB) mid 2013. His QTH posed several challenges in regard to suitable antenna but he loved experimenting and was active on Club and other 80/40m Nets. During the war years, Stan was an Air Force radar operator based in northern Australia and he occasionally related stories of his radar activities describing how they could detect long range targets using low-band VHF equipment and was very familiar with confusion caused by sporadic E. After the war, Stan ran a local radio/TV/electrical service business.

Unfortunately we ‘lost contact’ with Stan and have only just recently found out what had happened to him but, regrettably, we have not been able to contact his family to pass-on our condolences. He was a quiet spoken gentleman, a pleasure to have as a member of our Club and we will miss his cheery voice both on air and at meetings.


It is with deep sadness we record that Ian Paterson VK2MW became a Silent Key on 5 April 2016.

After two years Army service in New Guinea toward the end of World War 2, Ian transferred to the Army School of Signals as an instructor during which time he completed the Marconi Course and gained his Broadcast Operator Certificate of Proficiency. His first job as a radio engineer after leaving the Army was the restoration of 2PK at Parkes after it was destroyed by fire in December 1946. We were privileged to hear Ian’s New Guinea story when he gave a talk to HADARC about 20 years ago and the story of his time spent in Parkes appeared in the March 2015 OTN.

He drifted away from radio in his work-life but returned to the fold when he took up his amateur licence as a VK3 in the 1970s. In the mid 80s, he returned to Sydney as VK2CJP, became a member of HADARC and later, he took up the VK2MW callsign.

He was a highly respected and very active member of HADARC and took great joy in being part of the hobby. Even in recent years, although a bit slower than in the past, he took every opportunity to be on his favourite nets, including the Old Timers, and managed to get the most out of his restricted space and stealth antennas in his retirement village at North Turramurra. He clearly demonstrated that if you are determined, you can remain on air even though village regulations don't allow antennas - well, visible ones at that.

Unfortunately time takes its toll and Ian will no longer join us on our nets. We will miss his cheery quick wit. We will miss his advice and experience. We will miss him as a great gentleman, great amateur and great friend.


HADARC regularly runs Foundation, Standard and Advanced Amateur Licence Courses. Contact the Education team via the web form for the next course date or with other education related queries.

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